Transaction Issues

Long time character minting

We apologize in advance that character minting might take long sometimes. Please be patient because Polygon network could be congested and takes 30 minutes - 1 hour for a transaction.

While your transaction is pending. Please do not close the browser tab because your transaction may fail and you will not get your NFT character.


For the user who has paid but do not get the character, please report us at Report Form

In some cases, a transaction was confirmed but failed to mint the character, we will refund spent CLC to your wallet.


Don't worry, we will answer and help all issues as soon as possible. And we apologize again for wasting your time.

RPC Network

We recommend using new unified RPC URL to avoid congestion on Polygon Mainnet.

How to change the RPC URL ?

  1. Click your Metamask profile account icon and enter Settings menu.


  1. Choose Networks and select the network named Polygon Mainnet or the name that you created.


  1. Change your RPC URL to and save.