Country Life Cash


Country Life Cash Token or CLC was deployed on Polygon Chain with ERC-20 standard.

  • Cash ( CLC ) - 0x4483dd44922CC9e8012034b7d7705A6D32F1fda9
  • Entity ( NFT ) - 0x2c1aC4819339a051c6B30F54fb75562dDC5d6442


Core Team250M25%
Play & Earn500M50%
DEX Liquidity150M15%
Reserved for emergency cases100M10%

As mentioned, this game is not for investing. It is for education and fun. We do not expect the price of CLC to go skyrocket, in contrast, we want it to be stable. We do not promise but will try to keep the price of CLC stable as much as possible

How to keep CLC stable? First, we will be the first liquidity provider for USDC and CLC pair. As people come in and take CLC out of the pool, CLC price will rise. At that state, we will swap CLC into the pool in order to keep the price of CLC down. And if it happens oppositingly, we will take action vice versa

From time to time, we may provide more liquidity to the pool. This will help the pool grow stabler.

Please note that, we expect the price of CLC to be in range of 30 to 3000 CLC per USDC