Connect Wallet

Connect your crypto wallet to the website and go to your dashboard.


Buy CLC on Uniswap

After your wallet is connected, you can buy or swap CLC in the dashboard.


Buy button on the dashboard is default to USDC-CLC pair, but you should check address carefully if you didn’t enter Uniswap from the dashboard.


You can swap any pair of tokens on Polygon Chain, check the exchange rate by placing one of the currency on the top.

Once the transaction is completed, you will see your CLC balance in your wallet and the dashboard


If your CLC is not topped up, you should wait for a while and refresh your wallet and the dashboard

Deposit CLC in to the game

You can deposit CLC into the game from the dashboard.


Withdraw CLC from the game

You can withdraw your CLC from the game to your wallet in the dashboard.


Deposit & Withdraw description details Play and Earn